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Meet Enrique

A Dramatic Rise, Disastrous Fall and Rebirth

Not Your Average Coach


Enrique Fiallo personally experienced and survived a dramatic personal ethical setback. 

After becoming CEO of a NYSE-listed company that he took public, Enrique made a series of tragic mistakes and was subsequently sentenced to 48 months in a Federal Penitentiary for a white collar crime. He emerged from this ordeal with a perspective and formula for survival that he now shares with audiences to help them understand how to navigate ethical waters and to avoid a similar fate.

Enrique encourages and inspires people to transform their lives. He has dedicated himself full time to bring his message of Ethical behavior to people and conferences around the world. Whether as a keynote speaker or a workshop leader, Enrique breaks through the boundaries that are limiting individuals and teams and gets them ready to shape the future.


Let Enrique Fiallo help you move from the world of yesterday's regrets to the world of tomorrow's victories.

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Most Requested Speaking Topic

"The Ethical Choice" Keynote


As a speaker and innovator, Enrique will bring new life and connection to your next event. Contact Enrique to design a workshop or presentation that fits the needs that you have today.


A most favorite topic for a keynote and set of workshops, by Enrique  is a talk titled  "The Ethical Choice" 

This talk focuses on making ethical choices by defining the  alternatives in black and white terms. This results in a totally different decision making framework for individuals and teams, allowing them to clearly and easily make sound ethical decisions, without the "gray area" temptations that quite often get people into trouble.

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