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Allow me to help you succeed and fulfill your dreams

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A Unique Perspective


I am an ex CEO, with over 45 years in the business world. I took a tech company public and rang the bell on the New York Stock Exchange. Our company grew to over half a billion dollars in revenue, operating in over 25 countries, with over 2,000 employees. Soon after this success, we encountered difficulties meeting our goals and Wall Street expectations, and I made critical mistakes. Ethical mistakes. 


Acknowledging and holding myself accountable for these mistakes, I plead guilty to a white collar crime and was sentenced to 48 months in a Federal Penitentiary.


I spent much time analyzing the mistakes I made and the flawed decision making process that led to my bad choices. During this time, I was also able to interview many fellow inmates about their choices and mistakes. Executives, Attorneys, Doctors, Businessmen, Politicians, as well as hardened criminals - and I discovered  common themes.


They all wandered in and out of gray areas until they made an irreversible mistake and landed in jail. 


I am uniquely qualified to speak on this topic and offer the perspective of a person who made it big, reached the top, crashed and burned, and was then able to get back on the right ethical path.


I'd like to share my story and findings with you and your audience.  You won't be disappointed. My message has resonated with every audience I have presented to.

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The Ethical Choice


This talk emphasizes making ethical decisions using a simple framework. The  way to make easy ethical decisions that build integrity and trust is to keep all potential choices strictly Black and White.

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The Trusted Leader


Leaders earn trust by demonstrating integrity and the ability to make ethical decisions. It may not be immediately apparent but it is a fact that a trusted leader makes decisions differently.


Beware of Who You Become in Pursuit of Your Dreams


This talk focuses on the fact that the end does not justify the means, and that along the journey to achievement and success, you might just be turning into someone you will not like. 

Available Seminars & Workshops


10 Leadership and Executive Mistakes That Lead to Trouble


This workshop focuses on 10 critical mistakes that I have seen Leaders make throughout my career. More importantly, the workshop provides practical ways to avoid making these mistakes.


The Importance of Core Values in Ethical Behavior


Developing a set of Core Values, principles you personally, and your organization or family stand for, is all important in making ethical choices. This workshop provides a framework to establish personal and organization core values. 

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Avoiding Short Term Thinking and Short Cuts – The Road to Ethical Behavior


These two are a breeding ground for poor ethical choices. The workshop focuses on avoiding short term traps and shortcuts that are impediments to making good ethical choices.

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Client Testimonials

Rather than wax on about what am amazing job you did and how impactful your honesty was, I am simply going to quote one young man from my class, David Hudson, when  asked how the class liked you talk: “Enrique’s the man” and the rest of the class quickly agreed.


~ Beth C. Richardson, JD,  Associate Professor, St. Joseph's College of Maine

Enrique has a natural and infectious way of engaging with his audience. He prepares well and speaks with a confidence that can inspire an audience. He can "feel" the needs of his audience and focus his thoughts accordingly to make a most rewarding experience for them.

~ Ernie Riddle, CEO, EnablePath  

While presenting, Enrique finds eloquent ways to relate his broad business  experiences in a practical and useful manner. This, along with an engaging personality, creates an enriched learning environment that also reflects a talent for being well prepared, yet nimble.

~ Gino Butto, Assistant Superintendent and CIO, Brevard County Schools

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